Moving Mark II Pullman Coach

Project Name: Moving a Mark II Pullman Coach
Client: Spa Valley Railway
Location: Cranmore Carriage Works To Spa Valley Railway
Plant Used: Gold Hofer 6 Axel Modular Trailer with a 500T Mercedes Titan Truck
Published Date: 08/05/2020

The Problem

Moving the Mark II Pullman Coach from Cranmore Carriage Works To Spa Valley Railway

Monster Moves Solution

The move involved a number of major motorways and obstacles such as tight corners, through built up housing estates where there was only a clearance of millimeters near parked cars and tight bends round road bollards.

It was transferred to track on time and safely.

The Result

Monster Moves SPA 4.jpg Monster Moves SPA 3.jpg Monster Moves SPA 5.jpg Monster Moves SPA 2.jpg

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